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“When you’re in the hotel business, compliance and profitability are critical but so is the peace of mind that comes with the right strategic advice and systems.” - Derrick Eube, Partner at DFK Crosbie. 

In the hospitality business? You’ll understand the extreme value in a team of true industry experts who provide a total suite of services that improve your processes and boost profits.

Our team’s knowledge of the Australian hotel industry is very hard to beat. That’s why our specialist accountants and advisers work with the owners of around 300 hotel businesses, including many hotel groups.


You provide industry-leading accounting and advice but what other services does DFK Crosbie offer the hospitality sector?

We offer a premium service for all your tax and accounting needs, strategic advice, finance, stock control, payroll, book-keeping, management reporting (benchmarking), efficiency reviews, random cash counts, due diligence, feasibility studies and more.

There’s no value in you or your best employees regularly doing back office processes when your time is far better spent driving the business. It’s just one aspect where you’ll come out miles in front.


Why does DFK Crosbie promote quarterly management reporting? Isn’t that overkill if you have a great business strategy and systems?

We absolutely encourage hotel owners to receive regular management reporting. Ideally that’s quarterly and at the very least, half yearly. We analyse all aspects of your business to see how it’s tracking so any problem or inefficiency is identified quickly. There’s a strong argument for quarterly management reporting leading to increased profitability.


Why does DFK Crosbie’s team claim to be hospitality industry leaders?

We’re widely regarded as leading accountants and advisers to the Australian hotel industry. Several of our partners have been specialising purely in hospitality businesses for more than 25 years. We know the industry inside out. Each of our hospitality team members has a particular area of expertise and that gives you a tangible advantage in every aspect of your business. 

DFK Crosbie also offer Support services for hotels and hospitality including, bookkeeping, payroll and stock control.

We are also AHA NSW Bronze Sponsors and Retail Drink Australia Associate Members.

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For more on how we can help with AccountingBusiness ServicesWealth ManagementSuperannuation (SMSF)Finance (Lending) and Support services please see our Services page or Contact one of our hotel and hospitality industry specialists today.