“Especially when you’re running a business, peace of mind is not easy to find these days. That’s why everything we do is built around making sure you don’t have to worry.” —Kirsty Porteous, Partner at DFK Crosbie


At DFK Crosbie we believe your accountant should also be your trusted adviser who can help you in all facets of your business and finances.

We don’t just ensure you’re paying the smallest possible amount of tax. We help you drive profits and we make sure you have peace of mind in the process.


To what extent does taxation strategy play a role in a successful outcome at tax time and throughout the year?

Put simply, it could be the difference between paying a lot of tax, or none. Being in the best possible business structure for your situation is critical to the end result. We make sure you’re getting strategic advice from a highly experienced accountant and adviser who specialises in your area. The insights of our team at DFK Crosbie can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


How can you be confident you’re getting the right accounting and tax advice for your particular business or situation?

A successful outcome requires proactive strategies. These need to be designed specifically for your business goals and/or personal situation, now and further down the track. For example, are you planning to exit the business or retire? Maybe you plan to hand it down to the next generation of family. Any change needs proper planning well in advance.

If you’re in the health and medical sector, hospitality or indeed any particular industry, your accountant and adviser needs that specialist knowledge to get you the best result.

We can help with any tax advice, tax strategies, tax compliance and Business Services so Contact us today to give you and your business peace of mind. 


Hasn’t today’s accounting software virtually eliminated the need for face-to-face accounting?

That depends on your appetite for profit! There’s no doubt technology packs a punch to simplify your accounting processes. That’s a wonderful boost for business owners. However, it can’t take the place of a trusted adviser who understands your business and, what drives its profitability and how that matches up with your goals. At DFK Crosbie, we believe peace of mind for you and your business requires a whole lot more than number crunching and this is where we excel. SME accounting services for your business.