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Business services

“You might have a great business with a multi million dollar turnover but are you confident you’re getting the best return out of it? Our expertise in business strategy and management reporting brings you peace of mind. Our clients tell us they can now sleep at night.” —Jason Bartlett, Partner at DFK Crosbie

If you’re in the hotel business, medical sector or building and construction you probably know the clear benefits of an excellent business strategy and regular management reporting.

DFK Crosbie’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading accountants and business advisers is built on results. That’s why some 300 hotels owners are taking advantage of our expertise and exceptional service.


You’re hotel specialists, do you offer similar expertise for other sectors?

Absolutely. Some of our partners specialise in working with business owners in the medical sector, others have enormous expertise and a long track record working with the building and construction sector. So too manufacturing, registered clubs and other large not-for-profits.

We also work with business owners in various non-typical industries, many with a turnover of $2-million plus and some tens of millions.

Why do you recommend regular management reporting as well as an effective business strategy?

Management reporting is the information you need to run your business better. Without it, you may not know you have a problem or inefficiency. That’s especially true if you’re time poor or not physically running the business yourself. We identify issues before they become problems including your compliance and obligations.

If you’re simply having your figures done once a year without regular reporting or benchmarking, you’re missing out. You can read more about why benchmarking is so important for hotels here.



DFK Crosbie provides strategic advice and business services to hundreds of successful operators. What’s their biggest success factor?

According to DFK Partner Jason Bartlett it’s getting advice from people you can trust and who get to know your business inside out. Regular management reporting is the other critical factor because it allows you to change the course of your business quickly if you need to. If you leave it 12 months, you’re either losing money or not as efficient as you could be.

We can help with benchmarking, business and strategic planning, succession planning, cashflow, and systems and performance, so contact one of our advisers today, to give you and your business peace of mind.