Secrets to hiring the right team

Secrets to hiring the right team

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All too often, employers hire new staff that turn out not to be a great fit for the business.

You need to consider your interview process when hiring. Adopt the following strategies to ensure you hire the right person.


Attitude trumps skillset

Employers will see two names and preference the one with more qualifications, regardless of the ‘gut feeling’ they get about the interviewee with fewer qualifications.

You can’t train attitude but you can train individuals to develop the technical skill set to fill the position. Hiring employees that are adaptable, focused, willing to work hard and as a team is much more time efficient than trying to instil these qualities into individuals.


Ask existing employees

Ask existing employees with a similar job description what they expect of the future employee. While you may have a job description in mind, your existing employees probably have a different insight to you as to what the job requires. Another benefit of involving existing employees in the decision making process is that it allows you to see how they will interact together. If an existing staff member who has proven to be a valuable member of the team advises against hiring a particular candidate, there is probably a justifiable reason.


Alignment of values

Hiring a team whose values align with those of the business is essential. If your team doesn’t share similar values; they won’t be able to represent your business in a way that is going to attract the right customers. You should have complete trust in your team, and this is much more easily achieved where values and integrity align.


Ask the right questions

The way you pose your questions will either allow for or diminish the chances of interviewees responding genuinely. Ask existing employees what kinds of questions you should ask. Consider the skills you think are valuable to the position, and questions you think will assess whether the interviewee possesses that skill. For example, if you value problem solving, ask questions on how they have resolved issues in previous occupations. If you value self awareness, ask questions regarding weaknesses they have and how they have been developed into strengths.