3 outside the box fundraising ideas for your Not for Profit

By  Stephanie Oakley

A Not for Profit (NFP) organisation is intended to run without the aim of financial gain, thus often requires the time of volunteers and fundraisers. But coming up with unique ideas for compelling donors and volunteers to commit to your cause time and time again isn't easy.

Philanthropy Australia indicates nearly 15 million adults gave to NFPs in 2016. But despite these impressive numbers, this actually represents a smaller proportion of charitable Australians than 10 years' prior. Does this prove individuals are jaded by the same bake sales and charity raffles time after time? What is certainly true is that NFPs - over 52,000 groups according to the Australian Charities Report 2016 - can't just use the same fundraising ideas if they want to successfully compete for a proportionally smaller donating population.

Here are three outside-the-box fundraising ideas for your NFP that should help you stand out from the crowd and secure the capital needed to pursue your aims.

1) Ask your donor community to fundraise for you

A pool of regular and dedicated supporters is the dream goal for any NFP. But these individuals are also ideally placed to expand your network of supporters even further. They have the dual benefits of knowing all about your charity while also having like-minded personal contacts who may be interested in giving too. This means asking your donor community to fundraise on your behalf can be highly successful.

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to get your donor community more engaged with your NFP.

In the digital age, peer-to-peer (P2P) online fundraising is a popular option. P2P charity campaigns allow participants to raise money on your behalf using their own private behalf fundraising webpages. These platforms can be set up quickly and easily, and you can determine the page's brand guidelines and code of conduct. And because you know your donors are reaching out to friends, family and colleagues, your reach is extended to others likely to be interested in your cause.

Crowdfunding is another simple way of reaching an online audience. A digital platform has the ability to reach a winder number of people than would likely attend a live event. Additionally, a crowdfunding campaign attracts a large number of smaller donors, rather than several large ones. This makes for a more inclusive platform where individuals are not put off from supporting your cause with a small figure. Get key individuals to promote the campaign on social media and watch the interest roll in!


2) Test your donors' knowledge & get them talking

A quiz night is a tried and tested way of bringing your active donor community together to raise funds. However, theming your quiz night around your NFP's charitable aims is a twist that will get people focused on your goals while raising funds. Considering your organisation's aims in greater depth is a positive for both attendees and organisers alike.

Similarly, networking events that brings your dedicate supporters together is a valuable way of increasing communal spirit. Any social event, from a dinner to a gala event, is excellent for gathering like-minded people and getting them talking about your charitable cause. It's also one of the best ways to introduce guests and potential donors to what your NFP is all about, naturally extending your network of supporters.


3) Upskill and engage donors in your area of expertise

One of the most prized assets of an NFP is the skill set of its employees and volunteers. Especially true in the case of volunteer workers, individuals could work in any number of interesting industries during their 9-5 that require a unique set of skills. Harness this potential and offer a workshop or upskilling class to your network of donors. The chance to see a fellow charitable contributor teach others a new skill is an excellent way of demonstrating your commitment to helping a dedicated community of regular donors.

Offering a class or workshop on your area of expertise is a good way of fund raising.

Similarly, if you want to get people further engaged with your charitable aims, offer a workshop with information on your industry. For example, if you operate in a NFP that organises sports camps for children, offer to put on a 'skills school' for interested parties. This way you can raise funds while demonstrating some of the key aims of your charitable group, getting a larger number of people thinking and talking about your NFP!


Managing your income professionally

Just because your organisation isn't geared up to make profit, that doesn't mean you should run your NFP's finances any less professionally. Accountability for funds raised and strategic planning for the future of your group are still key parts of managing a successful NFP - and is easier with the help of DFK Crosbie.

Our firm contains a team of leading accountants and business advisors nationwide. We offer financial and auditing services, including governance reporting, financial compliance monitoring and taxation advice. Extensive expertise in the Not for Profit sector is one of our core strengths - we're dedicated to partnering with your organisation and helping you manage your growth.

To find out more about what we can offer your NFP, contact the DFK Crosbie team today


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