3 ways to streamline business operations of your healthcare clinic

By  Stephanie Oakley
Categories: Business | Health

As the owner of a healthcare clinic, your number one priority is your patients. But in order to give them adequate care, you have to keep your business healthy as well. Xero's State of Small Business report for May 2018 revealed the biggest pain points for small businesses includes cash flow (35.5 per cent), chasing payments (29.3 per cent) and taking on administrative tasks (27.9 per cent). 

Streamlining these processes is of the utmost importance - here's how you can accomplish this.

Streamlining your business practices will, in turn, give your patients better care.

1. Go digital with your tools

Technology can help with record keeping like tracking expenses and receipts (which you can do through receipt manager in the DFK Crosbie app), sharing files about patients with a file sharing application or automating workflow. These applications bring all the information you need to one place, so you can review your processes and get the big picture on organisational workflows. 

Having these in place will help streamline your business, reducing mistakes and delays, improving customer experience and enhancing employee satisfaction. Additionally, when these processes are simplified or even automated, you have more time to put back into your patients and maximise profit. 


2. Regularly review your business plan

Having automated and regulated your operations with technology, you can put yourself in a better position to proactively review these processes. A routine review of your business plan ensures that you are still running your establishment as efficiently as possible. 

Reviewing everything from daily operations to the systems you use will help you stay on top of each small business pain point. Once you know where your business stands, you can pull together a benchmarking report, helping you better assess what is also happening around healthcare sector in Australia. This information can then be used to make your practice stand out.


A trusted business advisor will help you stay on top of all your business operations.


3. Outsource unfamiliar operations 

Even after you've digitised your processes and have the reports to review in front of you, if you don't know what you're looking at then you can't make appropriate business strategy. A trusted business advisor will help you stay on top of all your business operations.

DFK Crosbie has advisers who are specialised in the health sector, experience that can help streamline everything from tax and accounting to overall business strategy. The team takes the time to understand your unique objectives and goals, implementing a strategy that will adhere to your specific needs.

To learn more about how we can help streamline the business operations of your health clinic, contact our team today.



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