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By  Stephanie Oakley
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Using the most advanced GPS tracking available you can now track and manage journeys and business mileage with ease. You can either simply tap 'start' and the App will track the journey (even when minimised) and press 'stop' to end the tracking, or set the app up to automatically track all journeys. The App will automatically prompt you to name the journey and enable business or personal use to be selected; and that's it job done! At any time you can export your trips, at the click of a button or as an email attachment


Track accurate journeys with DFK Crosbie powerful GPS Logbook

Our MyAccountants App has a state-of-the-art GPS Logbook, using advanced GPS technology to accurately track both your business and personal trips.


App - updated tinyBackground auto tracking option– no missed journeys!

With advanced GPS capability and auto tracking, you can choose to set this up, so as soon as you open the GPS Logbook, it will initiate a background tracker that will trigger the GPS to start recording as soon as you are driving, increasing the number of journeys accurately tracked, and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free way to log all of your mileage in one place.


Log and edit Manual trips

Even in manual mode, the GPS Logbook is simple to operate; you can fill out a manual form entry to log the details of a trip for the App and categorise as either personal or business. This will also sync to the cloud in real-time, meaning your trips are backed up and stored safely.

You can view a list of all the trips you have made, including start and end locations, dates, times and kilometres covered. You can then edit the trip in-App, and toggle between business or personal classification, and then export directly to us.

Make user you update your App to the latest MyAccountants version if you haven’t already and the GPS Logbook will be ready-to-use.


Don’t have our App?

If you haven’t downloaded our free App, please head to the Apple or Android store on your device and search for MyAccountants and enter the code Crosbie to start benefiting from this  today.

Alternatively, you can download the App using the links below:


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