Giving out employee awards to your team

By  Stephanie Oakley
Category: Business

Employee awards can be an easy and fun way to boost employee productivity and can be done without exhausting time and resources.

Showing your team that you appreciate and recognise their effort can increase their incentive to work harder and be more motivated in your business. Whether your award ceremony is as simple as getting a certificate in the office or hosting a formal event at a function room, handing out employee awards can give your workers something tangible to show their friends and family and feel good about. Here are some types of awards employees may appreciate:

employee award


Employee of the month/employee of the year

Having a notable employee of the month or year award can give your team something to strive towards. This can motivate your employees to perform consistently well throughout long periods of time, and show appreciation for high achieving workers.


Outstanding leadership award

Leadership is often an important factor in the workplace, whether it’s in teamwork, management or actively helping other employees learn and grow. It can be challenging for a leader to be empathetic and understanding whilst also being assertive and confident, so rewarding good leadership in the workplace can improve the culture of your business.


Customer service award

Customer service is an integral part of a successful business, so it can be helpful to give your employees an extra incentive to excellent customer service. Dealing with customers is not always easy and can be frustrating and showing employees appreciation for their efforts with handling customers can prevent them from losing motivation.


Innovation award

It can be easy for employees to simply follow traditional ideas and procedures and not think creatively. Having an innovation award can encourage employees to think outside the box and figure out the best ways of producing quality work, which can benefit your business enormously.


Years of service awards

These awards are given out to employees who hit a long-term work anniversary, typically when they reach 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years of employment. This acknowledges the employee’s dedication and commitment to the business, as well as recognising their accomplishments, knowledge, work ethic and experience in the job.


If you don't already have employee awards set up in your business, think about how you can incorporate them in to your workplace to motivate your team.


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