How to close Apps in iOS on a iPhone, Ipad or other Apple devices

By  Stephanie Oakley

As more and more of our clients are using iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices we want to blog about closing Apps in iOS. 

Your smartphone or iPad is a hardworking tool capable of literally almost anything, including of course running our latest free app – you can get that here.

Telephone calls happen to be a small part of what most of us use our Apple devices for these days. More frequent use includes emails, Apps, directions, purchasing equipment and thousands of other tasks. Many users are unaware that their phone is running Apps in the background.

Why bother closing Apps?

What many people do not realise is that by allowing these Apps (sometimes twenty or more) to run in the background, they are wasting a huge amount of the device’s processing speed and battery life. No wonder they have to keep recharging.

Some users never close a single App – ever! That meant running a high number of Apps, slowing the device down and reducing its battery life and length.

How to close an App in iOS

To close down those sneaky background Apps is easy, the first step is to access the task bar on the device.

Simply press the ‘Home Button’ twice, quickly.

On screen you will see ‘cards’ that contain a screenshot of each of your open Apps with the App icon above or below it depending on your iOS version. In this example there are 3 open apps.

You can swipe in either direction between the Apps.  Swiping all the way to the left will take you to the image of your home screen, whilst going to the right reveals more open Apps (if you have more open).

Tapping on the App image will then launch that App.

To close the App (or force an App to close that’s unresponsive) is actually very simple, although it isn’t immediately obvious.

All you need to do is place your finger on the image of the App you wish to close and drag your finger upwards (forwards).  This will drag the App upwards on your screen and it will fly off and close. 

This simple process will dramatically speed up the iPhone, iPad or device and extend the time it will run on a single charge. 



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