Mark Alexander
Title: Director at Crosbie Wealth Management


Private Client Adviser | Director, Crosbie Wealth Management | multi award-winning adviser | Certified Financial Planner  | Master of Business Administration (MBA Melbourne) | wealth management strategies | superannuation | estate planning  

Are you after a wealth management strategy that’s created specifically to match you? Do you value word-of-mouth recommendations for an adviser you can trust to help you make important decisions?

Mark Alexander has been creating successful wealth management strategies for more than 25 years. To cap off his record of satisfied clients, he’s been named National Adviser of the Year by Securitor Financial Group three times.

Mark is a straight talker who has a gift for explaining complex things in simple terms to make sure you’re truly across matters affecting your money. That includes legal issues around trusts and estates, superannuation rules and of course tax laws.

He doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to investment that doesn’t factor in the correct tax and superannuation strategies for your situation.

"If you don’t have a strategy, you can make the best investment and it will fall over. So we concentrate on getting the strategy right in the first place and that depends totally on what drives you, what your objectives are."

Part of a team that looks after more than half a billion dollars in assets, Mark’s clients range from  half a million dollars invested to more than 30-million.

Each person or family has totally different objectives. But almost all of them came to Mark because he was highly recommended by word of mouth, by a friend or relative.

Mark Alexander became a Director of Crosbie Wealth Management in 2001 and is a Certified Financial Planner with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He’s an Authorised Representative of Securitor Financial Group.

Email: for wealth management and investment strategies.