Tony Croese
Title: Partner at DFK Crosbie


Partner at DFK Crosbie | hotel and building industry expert | 30 years experience | business adviser and accountant | compliance specialist

Are you in the hotel or building industries? Do you have the peace of mind that comes with an adviser who has more than 30 years experience helping clients achieve profitability and compliance?

Profitability and peace of mind are the two goals that respected business adviser Tony Croese brings to the table in his down-to-earth manner every time he meets with a client.

Tony’s knowledge of the Australian hotel and building industries is hard to beat. There aren’t too many scenarios he hasn’t seen before. And that’s a huge advantage, whether you’ve been in business for decades or for days.

"Not getting a strike against your licence is the most important thing for a hotel owner. Experienced hotel owners know that. But you have to be so careful."

Tony says while compliance is critical in the hotel and building industries, so too is the peace of mind that clients find when they have the right focus and systems.

“In reality there are plenty of pitfalls we can help them through. There’s so much to it.

“I feel like I can add something to them. And I can talk to them in a language they understand and the things that are important to them. I’m a true hotel specialist, I do hotel work every day and if it wasn’t for that specialisation I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it that much over the years”.

A partner with leading accountants and business advisers DFK Crosbie since 1994, Tony has many hotel and building industry clients in Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, New England-North West New South Wales and interstate.

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