Rachelle Endicott
Title: Manager


Even before Rachelle Endicott became a Chartered Accountant specialising in hotels and hospitality, she worked in the industry as a bookkeeper and started building her expertise from the ground up.

Rachelle has been a valued Crosbie team member since 2002, working with successful hotel owners all over New South Wales.

“Helping business owners find peace of mind resonates with me and along the way I found a true love for working in such a dynamic industry as hospitality.”

Rachelle has great insight into the risks and rewards of so many different components of hotel businesses. As a result, she has many long-term client relationships.

Another reason for that success is her love of getting out to see clients at their venues to properly understand each client and their business.

Rachelle Endicott has a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Chartered Accountant.