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Not for Profit - Business Advisory

Managing a medium-to-large Not for Profit can be just as complex as a For Profit enterprise. You may have a multi-million dollar turnover - but how do you know you are maximising your full potential without impartial analysis of your organisational structure?

Stepping back from the internal workings of your Not for Profit in order to evaluate what processes work and what can be changed to improve efficiency is massively beneficial. When you work with business advisers with experience in the Not for Profit sector you can maximise the effectiveness of this process. .

DFK Crosbie has the background and expertise to make these improvements a reality.


Why work with an external business adviser?

They say you often can’t see the forest for the trees.- this is true of organisations caught up in a single operational structure with no exposure to impartial analysis.

That’s what business advisers offer - an independent and unbiased view of your Not for Profit, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for streamlining or optimising processes. A business advisory team should also bring skills and unique knowledge to your Not for Profit, offering an added element of professionalism.

Going above and beyond that, industry-leading business advisers act as a sounding board for ideas and proposed changes, guiding your Not for Profit or community organisation along the path to success. Ultimately business advisers should act as partners to your Not for Profit, as committed to its success as you are.


What DFK Crosbie offers

DFK Crosbie’s business advisers offer guidance on numerous enterprise services, such as:


  • Strategic planning - This process provides a clear framework for understanding the opportunities and obstacles facing a Not for Profit. You can then share this strategic direction with all stakeholders, the board, management team and all your people on the ground to ensure your whole organisation is moving forward in the same direction.
  • Due diligence and feasibility studies - Choosing a new service offering or aligning your Not for Profit with another organisation in a strategic partnership are important decisions. Business advisors can provide information on the suitability of a new service strategy, partnership or merger through due diligence and feasibility studies. This enables operators to make better-informed choices.
  • Governance and board reporting - A clear focus for the future of your Not for Profit comes from the top. But how do you know your board level is working at its the best, and are getting the right information to make the decisions? DFK Crosbie analyses your governance and chain of command structures to produce comprehensive reports on areas of strength and opportunities for change.


Why choose DFK Crosbie as your business advisory partner?

Business consultants excel at delivering day-to-day improvements, while a financial adviser offers invaluable insight into how your organisation can drive real growth. Our business advisory team combines these skill sets and lean on years of experience working with Not for Profits to offer assurance that your charity is excelling in every way.

From our partners through to consultants, DFK Crosbie's identity is built on driving growth for clients through leading business practices. We do this through an open process of collaboration and communication, setting actionable goals that organisations can follow for success.

The Australian Not for Profit sector is a challenging place to survive and thrive. That makes it essential to determine what partnerships will take your Not for Profit organisation above and beyond its potential. Ready to begin your bold new journey with the help of DFK Crosbie’s Business Advisory team? Go to the Contact Us page now!

"The big picture is that Not for Profits bring benefits to whole communities. But that can't happen unless they're compliant and operate a viable financial model. That's where DFK Crosbie can help." — Brent Perkins, Partner at DFK Crosbie.