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Here are some brief testimonials from some of our clients:

Reg, Margaret and Dianne Mawhinney - Insurance Brokerage & Investors

"I can confidently recommend Crosbie as experts in their field. They are very accommodating, easy to work with and genuinely interested in their clients. I have enjoyed a fantastic 47 year association with Crosbie as our family and business accountant/consultant. I have always trusted their ability, pro-active approach and professional manner. They have consistently done an excellent job. They provide a complete accounting package, delivered by professional, service orientated people who invest time getting to know you. I am impressed by the staff – their knowledge, accessibility, attention to detail and personal attention as well as their ability to think outside the square."

David Richards - Portrich Hotel Group

"I came to DFK Crosbie on the recommendation of a member of the hotel industry. I have not been disappointed. Their expert industry advice is without peer, they really understand the hotel industry. Why have any other accountant when you can have an expert. Business today is too complicated not to seek specific industry advice. They have guided me through many facets of my business, from initial business structure to specific industry KPI’s, I would highly recommend DFK Crosbie."

Phillip Ticehurst - CEO of Wangi District Workers Club

"Crosbie have been helping Wangi District Workers Club meet their accounting and audit obligations for over 30 years. With their extensive knowledge of the club industry, they have assisted us every step of the way in performance benchmarking our business. Any question or help required is always met with excellent and prompt service that allows us to make informed decisions to increase the efficiency in all areas of our operation."

Robert and Helen Logan

"When my wife and I were moving to Newcastle, we realised that we would need accounting, tax and superannuation services. We asked friends and colleagues to recommend firms with good reputations. We made a shortlist, devised a set of criteria and questions, and interviewed those firms, much like a job interview. We took our adult children to the interviews. DFK Crosbie was the unanimous choice of us all. They had the up to date and detailed knowledge we needed, the service culture we expected and the attention to detail that we regarded as essential. They are patient and available. They return our calls and answer our questions. They give advice when we need it. They follow up. And what’s more, they are pleasant people to deal with."

Garry and Pam Dagwell - Georgetown Cellars

"We have been fortunate to have Crosbie act as the accountants for our liquor store for over 10 years. They are also responsible for our personal financial affairs and those of our three adult children. During that time they have provided all accountancy services at the highest standard. They are always easy to contact, prompt in their responses and creative in their approach to challenging financial matters. The confidence we have in their ability to fulfill this important role is an essential factor in the successful operation of our business."

Damien, General Manager, Newcastle Meals on Wheels

"The team from DFK took their time to get to know our business and understand our complex structure. They then thoroughly combed through our records and systems whilst engaging with us in order to best work together through the process. The team of staff were accommodating, supportive and flexible. Beyond the professional, they were also lovely and considerate to work with. I really appreciated their thorough approach to the task, the quality of their recommendations and the manner in which the whole experience was executed. I would definitely recommend DFK Crosbie to any business in transition, whether that be status, leadership or in relation to their sector. I would also recommend their services specifically to any NFP organisation. "

Central Leagues Club CEO - Nathan

DFK Crosbie not only brought the Central Leagues Club into modern times, but gave it peace of mind by finally being able to do simple “apples versus apples” financial comparisons of the business each year. CEO Nathan Whiteside took over the Newcastle-based Club more than four years ago, which boasts two bars, a restaurant, coffee shop and gaming machines. He wasn’t happy with the accountancy and auditing being provided and the decision to change accountants was made close to the end of the financial year. However, the Club didn’t want to go through until its AGM with the same company . Nathan reached out to a number of recommended firms, including DFK Crosbie. “We actually had no relationship with DFK Crosbie, but DFK Crosbie was present at a lot of the Club’s functions, so I knew of the firm. We needed someone to help us out during that period of July 1 through to our AGM when we made that decision on who got the accounting job.” DFK Crosbie was brought in for a four-month period, and was under no illusion it would get the job after that period. However, the quality of the firm’s work during that time made it an easy choice. The Club was using older methods for accounting, including still writing cheques weekly. “We were treating our accounting like it was the 1980s,” Nathan said. “We were never able to do apples versus apples comparisons each year, because of the timing of our invoices. “We needed a professional accounting person in the role. But first, we needed to modernise what we were doing.” It was a stressful time for the Club, especially because it was putting itself out on a limb by letting go of accountants that had been with the business for a long time. “It was a difficult time, but in the end it helped make the place better - and that’s my job,” he said. Nathan said the exceptional service from audit and business advisor Kirsty Porteous made the entire transition much easier. “She’s brilliant at her job and we’ve developed a wonderful working relationship and trust.” She was able to uncover what was and wasn’t happening in the business and put in place systems to improve the business overall. DFK Crosbie brought a more modernised approach, a high level of professionalism and provided confidence. Working with them uncovered historical issues which the two parties were able to work through, this now allows them to focus on strategies needed for further growth. “It’s the peace of mind I have now. The confidence I’ve got in the relationship is strong. Ultimately, it’s Kirsty Porteous in her accounting skills and her team members as well.” The firm now help provide accurate, regular, timely reports for the Club. “We can now actually do apples versus apples reports from previous years. It really means that peace of mind.” Likewise, the Club board is extremely happy with DFK Crosbie’s work, the reliability and having access to good reports on a quarterly basis for meetings.