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“Does your wealth management team include multi-award winning members of Australia's elite group of Most Trusted Advisers? Does your wealth management strategy give you peace of mind?” —Joshua Drake, Private Client Adviser and Director at Crosbie Wealth Management

No matter how successful you are, investment decisions can be complex and weigh on your mind. Especially when there’s a large business or family holding at stake.

If you don’t have the right strategy in place for your situation even the best investment can fall short—or fall over. That’s why at Crosbie Wealth Management we concentrate on your wealth management strategy first and foremost.


Why should you choose Crosbie Wealth Management?

Our multi award-winning team looks after more than half a billion dollars in assets for an array of successful business owners, professionals, executives and families.

We explain complex financial matters on your level and advise you of every implication surrounding tax and legal issues, entities and estate planning. These elements will impact the success of your investments or otherwise.

Importantly, we don’t make decisions for you. We equip you with the information you need to make decisions in line with your values and priorities.


Who are the people providing advice on investment decisions and strategies?

Our specialist wealth management team features an exceptional knowledge base and some of the highest credentials you’ll find among financial advisers across Australia.

Several of our partners have been included on the Beddoes Institute’s elite list of Most Trusted Australian Advisers, not to mention numerous national awards from AFR Smart Investor Magazine and Securitor Financial Group.

You can read more about our Partners and wealth management team members here.


How do you balance investment decisions factoring in “here and now” versus later?

According to Crosbie Wealth Management's Private Client Adviser Joshua Drake, it’s true that every decision you make in regard to your money is a trade off. It comes down to satisfaction now versus satisfaction later. We believe in educating you enough to make a good decision that ultimately brings you peace of mind.


What services do Crosbie Wealth Management offer??

  • Wealth creation

Our advisers have a range of tax effective structures (i.e. superannuation,family trusts) and strategies (i.e. regular savings, gearing, dollar cost averaging) which help you grow your wealth. We have a private family office arrangement and have specialised services for executives/professionals and self-funded retirees.

  • Superannuation strategies

We work with you to take advantage of the concessionally taxed superannuation environment, including superannuation consolidation, asset allocation and portfolio construction, investment types, and compliance with contribution and withdrawal regulations.

  • Investment strategy advice

We tailor our advice to your individual needs and risk tolerance. It is important that your risk and return profile reflects your individual goals, which in turn is reflected in the asset allocation of your personal portfolio.

  • Risk Insurance

Insurance provides the peace of mind of knowing that you, your family or your business do not suffer financially as a consequence of death, disability or illness. We help with personal and corporate risk management strategies to help secure your future in the event of the unknown.

  • Retirement Planning

Transitioning to retirement or already retired? We help you navigate the relevant superannuation, tax and Government benefits rules so you can enjoy your retirement, so start planning.

  • Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than preparing a Will. It involves the preparation of documents to ensure your financial affairs are managed in your absence, and passed to your family or other chosen parties. We work together with you and your legal team to implement a properly structured estate planning strategy.

  • Structured Ongoing Review

A critical component of any longer term planning is to regularly review the decisions made in light of your financial circumstances, the legal and economic environment of the day, and the options available to you. Our structured review process is designed to ensure that you take advantage of the opportunities that arise, to ensure you have the best outcomes possible.

To take advantage of the opportunities and plan for your future, contact a professional Crosbie Wealth Management adviser today.


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